It is our humble request that you please go through the Terms and conditions carefully as it is applying to the use of the site and other web applications for creative site. We are focusing on the normal Terms and Conditions for the use of the web site https://printers.ae


Quotes which are provided to the clients are valid for at least 30 days only from the date of issue of it. The payment pattern for our clients are mentioned below-

  • 35% -at the time when project is signed off. We would start working on the project once the payment is received at our end.
  • 35%- After the design is approved from client.
  • 30%-which is final would be invoiced prior to completion and should ensure that it is paid before the site goes live into the market.
  • In case due to some reasons the project is delayed extra 14 days from the committed date of completion, Globose Tech do reserves the rights for issuing the final payment amount invoice which would be (minus of 5% from the total cost)
  • Once the project is deployed would request to get the final funds released.


  • 50% at the time of signing off the project. Work would start when payment is received at out end.
  • Final and ultimate payment of 50% should be invoiced prior to the completion of site and paid before the site is live.
  • In case of project exceeds the stipulated time frame from 14 days, company would reserve the rights to forward the invoice which would be minus of 5% from the total project cost.
  • After deployment of the project the final amount would be released.


  • All the amounts shared and deposited with respect to project are non-refundable or 14 days have been elapsed from the date of deposit paid.
  • Once design work is signed off before the build of the site, all fees are recommended to be paid in due course, and no cancellation of orders would be accepted due to which all payments need to be made.
  • Fees which are charged on the prepay basis are non refundable.
  • The functionality, utilization or usability or limitations from both the eShop and eWeb CMS are no specific reason for not paying the left amount for website. In case you require a specific functionality, we do provide demos with respect to both CMS program which could be taken on trial before going ahead with purchase.
  • If there is any client who contravenes the terms and conditions of Globose Tech, We reserve the right of terminating services immediately without any refunds.
  • In case of termination of the website due to expiry or cancellation, we ensure that we can re-install the website within the 12 months with specified cost of 30% amount. But in this case, client should have the backup of the running site at their end.
  • All the request with respect to cancellation would be accepted in writing. Few services which does includes eShop website, SEO, PPC would be requiring a cancellation form which should be signed which could be requested from the administrative team. We would be requiring 30 days notice.


  • Before homepage designing started 100% amount will be refunded.
  • Once the homepage designing has been initiated 20% of the advance paid will be deducted as man power cost rest 80% of the amount will be returned.
  • After homepage completion, 50% of the advance will be refunded
  • After GUI/Inside pages of the site has been started or completed, No refund will be made.
  • No refunds will be there for the approved milestones.


Do reserves the right for re-use of the development of the technical stuff during the whole project and would be retaining the Intellectual Property rights for every development taken place. The client would be holding the copyright on all the pending work payment for the final invoice.